Introducing Skillet

Part surround panner, part plugin controller,
Skillet’s dual 3-axis joysticks breathe new life into your sound design. Play up to six plugin parameters simultaneously, as though they were an instrument. Expressive plugin control at your fingertips!

  • Spring loaded joysticks are now optional!

    June 3, 2014

    Skillet is free from the bondage of springs! Now when you order your Skillet, you may choose whether or not you’d like your joysticks to be spring loaded. The available options are: Spring-loaded, Round Choke: Skillet’s default option. Joystick X …

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  • Schapiro Audio Announces Skillet

    March 18, 2014

    Schapiro Audio Announces New “Skillet” Pro Audio Controller – West Hollywood, California, March 10th 2014 — Schapiro Audio today announced the availability of the new Skillet® surround panner and plugin automation controller. Skillet is a dual 3-axis joystick controller intended …

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