By default, Skillet’s joysticks are spring loaded with a single spring to the center position. This allows for a very smooth control, with no ‘detents’ anywhere on the joysticks.

We now offer two other build-to-order options, featuring friction locking joysticks instead of spring loaded joysticks. You can request a round base or a square base (which is best for film post production). Friction locking joysticks add no extra cost to the price of your Skillet.

Skillet also features a foot switch, which functions like a touch ‘clutch.’ While the foot switch is depressed, any new touch signals are not sent out from Skillet, which means you can press the foot switch, touch the joysticks, and not send any new automation until you release the foot switch. The inverse is also true: touching the joysticks first, and then pressing the foot switch, will cause no ‘touch off’ signal to be sent until the foot switch is released.

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