Aside from Skillet’s ability to control arbitrary plugin parameters, Skillet has a number of features as a surround panner that no other standalone panner offers:

• Both joysticks can be focus-linked, so that focusing on a new track using Skillet’s buttons moves both joysticks simultaneously.
• The ‘Right Pan’ (focusing a joystick on the right channel of a stereo track) button is sticky. You can keep your right joystick focused on the right channel of stereo tracks, and not have to worry about it misbehaving when you re-focus on a mono track.
• The Z-axis of the joysticks can be assigned to each of the divergence controls, all of the divergence controls simultaneously, center %, or LFE.
• The joysticks have a ‘damping’ setting, making it easy to reach discrete corner speakers even with a circular choke.

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