Skillet lets you play with your plugins.

Are you tired of painstakingly writing automation points with the mouse? Or doing multiple passes of automation because you can only control a couple of parameters at a time?

With Skillet, you can perform your plugins. Two touch sensitive 3-axis joysticks allow for control of up to six plugin parameters at once. Use it for control of both channels of a stereo Atmos track, or with Doppler to get that perfect zip by. You can map Skillet’s joysticks to any automatable plugin in Pro Tools.

Oh, and they’re surround panners, too.

Skillet: Perform your plugins.

  • Two 100mm touch sensitive motorized faders can be used for track volume, or as two extra precision plugin automation controllers.
  • Skillet’s touch screen provides transport controls, user settings, and a Radar mode to help you punch in your automation smoothly.
  • Skillet is a USB device, requiring no extra driver installation, and allowing for future firmware upgrades.
  • Skillet also has a MIDI mode, for use with any virtual instruments or DAW software that supports MIDI Learn.

  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet

Skillet Stealth

Skillet is available in two finishes. Skillet Stealth’s top surface is a matte finish black acrylic. Sides and accents of the model are glossy black acrylic.

  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet
  • Schapiro Audio - Skillet

Skillet Bamboo

Skillet Bamboo’s top surface is made of bamboo for a genuine wood finish. Sides of the model are glossy black acrylic.


Skillet’s primary feature is its pair of two 3-axis touch sensitive joysticks. These are not your average humdrum joysticks! Each joystick, in addition to normal left/right and up/down motions, can also twist. The rubber grip on the joysticks are touch sensitive, just as you’d expect a pro audio joystick to be. Skillet’s joysticks let you easily pan both channels of a stereo track, or pan two mono tracks simultaneously. But their real power comes when you send Skillet into plugin mode, allowing you to control up to six plugin parameters at a time, fluidly and intuitively. Want to do Atmos panning (in full 3D!) on a stereo track? Skillet has you covered.

Skillet’s joysticks can be made fully spring-loaded, returning to center position by default, or with the X/Y springs removed. With the X/Y springs removed, you may also choose a circular ‘choke’ (the possible area the joysticks may move in) or a square choke for easy access to the corners of the joystick area.
Skillet features two touch-sensitive, motorized, 100mm faders. These faders control track volume (when Skillet is in Surround Panner mode), or two additional plugin parameters (when Skillet is in Plugin Mode).
Skillet’s 2.8″ touch screen displays Transport controls, or an extra six MIDI ‘buttons’ in MIDI mode. You can also use it to define personal preferences such as Surround Panner stereo ganging, the function of the Z-axis in Surround Panner mode, and more. The touch screen will also be the main focus for additional features via firmware updates. Expect extra buttons and functions to become available regularly!
Skillet is a class compliant USB MIDI device. No need to install extra drivers — in fact, no need to install any extra software at all (unless you want to upgrade the firmware, of course.)
Skillet, by default, is meant for tight integration with Avid Pro Tools™. However, it also features a generic MIDI mode for use with any software that supports MIDI learn. More modes are planned for future firmware updates. Got a mode you’d really like to see? Send us a suggestion!
System Requirements
Avid Pro Tools 9, 10, or 11 (for Pro Tools mode) or any audio software capable of MIDI Learn (for MIDI mode)

Mac OSX 10.7 or higher

1 Free USB 2.0 port – Please note, Skillet has not been extensively tested over network KVM switches. Instead, we recommend a USB->Ethernet->USB extender.

At this time, systems with Avid ICON-family consoles are not supported. While Skillet’s surround panner functionality will work, plugin control mode will not work while the ICON is attached.
Physical Dimensions
15.5″ wide by 12.6″ deep by 4.5″ tall (not including joysticks or height-extending feet). Including joysticks, Skillet is about 7″ tall.

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