Skillet and Atmos

Skillet provides excellent control for Dolby’s Atmos plugins. Pan, raise, and scale an element all in a single pass – even for both channels of a stereo track. It’s very easy to set up on your own – just link Skillet’s joystick axes like you normally would. However, we’ve also created a pair of Pro Tools plugin maps that are easy to install and use.

First, download the plugin map files as a .zip.

From within Pro Tools, open a Dolby Atmos plugin, and click the small triangle next to ‘Map’ in the toolbar:

Dolby Atmos Mono Highlighted You will be presented with a menu, selected ‘Import Plug-In Maps from File…’

PIM Menu






Navigate to the folder where you extracted the Skillet plugin maps, and select either “Skillet Atmos Mono.pim” for a Mono Atmos plugin instance, or “Skillet Atmos Stereo.pim” for a Stereo Atmos plugin instance.

If you’d like, you can now go back to the plugin map menu (from the small triangle), and select the bottom “Set As Default” option to make Atmos automatically load these maps each time a new Atmos plugin is instanced.



That’s it!  You’ll only have to do this once for Stereo and Mono versions of Atmos. After you set it up, Pro Tools will remember the map layout for you. If you “Set As Default,” Pro Tools will even automatically load the map layout for you each time you create a new Atmos plugin.

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