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When can I expect my Skillet after ordering?

Every Skillet we make is hand-assembled, vigorously tested, and carefully crafted. Therefore, it can take up to two weeks from the time you place your order to the time your Skillet is shipped.

What is your return policy?

Because each Skillet is made to order, we do not accept returns at this time. Repairs for items damaged in shipping or through normal use are covered free of charge for the first year after purchase, and for a nominal fee after that. While we can’t accept returns, we strive to keep an excellent satisfaction level among our customers. If you have concerns or questions, please email us at support@schapiroaudio.com!


How big is Skillet?

Skillet is 15.5″ wide by 12.6″ deep by 4.5″ tall (not including joysticks or height-extending feet). Including joysticks, Skillet is about 7″ tall.

Skillet ships in a 20″x18″x12″ box, containing another 17″x”14″x9″ box which contains your Skillet, manual, and other accessories.

Are Skillet’s joysticks spring-loaded?

By default, Skillet’s joysticks are spring loaded with a single spring to the center position. This allows for a very smooth control, with no ‘detents’ anywhere on the joysticks.

We now offer two other build-to-order options, featuring friction locking joysticks instead of spring loaded joysticks. You can request a round base or a square base (which is best for film post production). Friction locking joysticks add no extra cost to the price of your Skillet.

Skillet also features a foot switch, which functions like a touch ‘clutch.’ While the foot switch is depressed, any new touch signals are not sent out from Skillet, which means you can press the foot switch, touch the joysticks, and not send any new automation until you release the foot switch. The inverse is also true: touching the joysticks first, and then pressing the foot switch, will cause no ‘touch off’ signal to be sent until the foot switch is released.

Can I get my Skillet with a Square base instead of a round one?

Yes!  We now offer Skillet with three build-to-order options. You can purchase a Skillet with either a round base and spring loaded, a round base and friction-locked, or a square base and friction locked.  Friction locking will help keep the joysticks from ‘drooping’ when you let go of the handle, but won’t cause the joystick to spring back to a default position.  They’ll stay right where you left them!

Are Skillet’s joysticks touch-sensitive?

Yes they are! Any area underneath the rubber grip material around the circumference of the joysticks is touch sensitive. The tops of the joysticks are not touch sensitive.

Pro Tools

What plugins does Skillet work with?

Skillet works with any automatable plugin. If it’s got automation lanes, you can control it with Skillet.

Can I control multiple plugins at a time?

Due to the way Avid has implemented plugin control, this is not possible at this time. Skillet can control eight (if you include the two faders) parameters of a single plugin at a time.

Does Skillet work alongside the Avid ICON family of control desks?

Skillet’s Surround Panner functions should work fine. However, due to Avid’s implementation of plugin control, the ICON will supersede any other device attempting plugin access. Skillet’s plugin control functionality will be unavailable as long as the ICON is setup up in Pro Tools’ “Ethernet Peripherals” window.

Does Skillet work alongside EUCon control surfaces?

Yes! However, please note if you activate, or deactivate and reactivate EUCon, you will need to reboot Pro Tools before Skillet’s plugin functionality will work.

Will Skillet work with the Avid S6 console?

We have not yet had the opportunity to test Skillet alongside an S6. Skillet works quite well alongside all Euphonix Artist series surfaces, so it is likely the S6 will not pose a large issue.

Does Skillet have any extra features not found on single-joystick surround panners?

Aside from Skillet’s ability to control arbitrary plugin parameters, Skillet has a number of features as a surround panner that no other standalone panner offers:

• Both joysticks can be focus-linked, so that focusing on a new track using Skillet’s buttons moves both joysticks simultaneously.
• The ‘Right Pan’ (focusing a joystick on the right channel of a stereo track) button is sticky. You can keep your right joystick focused on the right channel of stereo tracks, and not have to worry about it misbehaving when you re-focus on a mono track.
• The Z-axis of the joysticks can be assigned to each of the divergence controls, all of the divergence controls simultaneously, center %, or LFE.
• The joysticks have a ‘damping’ setting, making it easy to reach discrete corner speakers even with a circular choke.

Skillet seems like it’d be great for Atmos! How do I set it up?

Skillet is pretty great for Atmos. You can easily pan both channels of a stereo track with the Dolby Atmos plugin on it, in all three dimensions. We’ve set up a short guide including a pre-set automation map file.

Is Skillet supported by Avid?

Skillet is supported by Schapiro Audio, and is in no way an official Avid product.  Schapiro Audio is dedicated to supporting Skillet and making sure that you always have the best experience you can have while using it!  If you have a problem, please email us at support@schapiroaudio.com.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email: support@schapiroaudio.com

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